Watch: Ricky Gervais' Best (and Most Controversial) Golden Globe Awards Moments

Watch: Ricky Gervais' Best (and Most Controversial) Golden Globe Awards Moments

Jan 16, 2012

Well, the 2012 Golden Globe Awards finally happened to us last night, and if you missed it for some reason because you were either in a football coma or just didn't care enough to watch, then we've got you covered. Feel free to take a trip back in time via our hilarious Golden Globes live blog courtesy of our Fiction vs. Reality columnist Joe Piccirillo and relive the entire show minute by minute. Or, for those who don't have that kind of time, you can just go straight to the winners list and find out that films like The Descendants and The Artist took home top honors in their respective categories. More into the whole fashion thing? Then head on over to our red carpet gallery to see who was wearing who.

Oh, what's that? You only care about the controversy Ricky Gervais stirred up? The British comedian definitely landed more than a couple blows during the ceremony (much to the non-delight of some of the crowd, who seem to take these sorts of things way too seriously), and for those who missed his best stuff, we went ahead and culled together a few video highlights that sort of help sum up the night.

What was your favorite Ricky Gervais moment? Was he better or worse than last year, and who do you think should host next year?

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