Watch: 'Looper's Rian Johnson Made This Short Film About Ninjas When He Was in High School

Watch: 'Looper's Rian Johnson Made This Short Film About Ninjas When He Was in High School

Feb 15, 2013

Rian Johnson

Yesterday we shared some cool first films from Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino that were never completed, and to keep that theme alive today we've got a very early short from Looper director Rian Johnson. It's rare that we get to watch the high school productions of some of our favorite filmmakers, but 1990 isn't too far away and so here we have Johnson's Ninja Ko: Master of Origami to go along with a much more current chat with Johnson via a Harvard-Westlake interview conducted by Jason Reitman (we’d have loved to sit in on that conversation…)

Ninja Ko is about what you’d expect from a high school shot-on-video movie – it’s not deep and the image quality is the pits, but Johnson’s direction is surprisingly impressive for someone so young. The story of a ninja who fashions guns, cars and other items out of a sheet of paper to aid in his mission is clever even if the humor is largely juvenile.  Have a peek at it below and see how the man who gave us the brilliant Looper got his start.

After that, be sure to watch this four-part interview series with Johnson and Jason Reitman wherein the two filmmakers discuss Johnson’s humble film beginnings (he made 80 short films before he graduated high school!) and his feature film career. The moral of the story? If you want to make movies, make a lot of short ones when you're young to learn your craft. [via Cinephilia & Beyond]

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