Watch: Real-Life Supervillains Will Make You Laugh Yourself to Death

Watch: Real-Life Supervillains Will Make You Laugh Yourself to Death

Nov 23, 2011

We've been telling you about real-life superhero Phoenix Jones for some time now. Jones AKA Ben Fodor is a homegrown hero in Seattle who explores the city streets at night trying to put a stop to crime. Yes, he wears a costume. No, he doesn't carry any real weapons. Yes, he's gotten himself into a lot of trouble because of his heroic pastime and has even been fired from his teaching job. Jones is just one of many guys who have formed a network of real-life superheroes, and like all things in life there is a yin to the yang.

Real-life supervillains exist as well, and we've got the videos to prove it. Some of the dark evil-doers are clearly doing this for a laugh — as is the case with the second video, where Dr. Mirror Monocle and his pal Captain Callout Ph.D. describe spreading evil in absolutely ridiculous ways. Other villains seem to be quite serious, which means they're hysterical — particularly this tragic, ninja-looking dude. Mortal Kombat called, and they want their outfit back.

The final video shows one guy's pretty decent impression of Heath Ledger's Joker, until you realize that he's probably just watched Dark Knight far too many times alone and that he might really be a juggalo. We also wish he had picked a different name, since "The Trickster" isn't very original when dressed like Joker. But honestly, kudos to these guys for doing their thing. As long as they're not macing unsusupecting people in the face the way that Jones did (accidentally — oops ... ), we don't really see anything wrong with it. Thanks for the laughs, boys.

Let us know if these real-life supervillains made you cringe with fear, or just embarrassment.




[via Geek Tyrant]

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