Watch: Real-Life Supervillain Rex Velvet Launches Attack on Seattle Crime-Fighter Phoenix Jones

Watch: Real-Life Supervillain Rex Velvet Launches Attack on Seattle Crime-Fighter Phoenix Jones

May 02, 2012

He sounds like a porn star dandy, but he's a real-life supervillain. Rex Velvet — who recently created an impressive video that news outlets like KOMOnews are reporting on — took to the internets to call out real-life superhero Phoenix Jones. If you've been reading our website for any length of time, you'll know that we've been following Jones' heroic exploits — the good, the bad, and the ugly … like when he was arrested for an altercation that involved a heavy dose of pepper spray on an "innocent" crowd of people. Jones was also fired from his teaching job when his name started popping up in the newspapers.

Velvet, who says he doesn't hide behind any mask — and he doesn't, unless you count his hilariously fake mustache — doesn't want the crime-fighter on the streets anymore. The aforementioned video is Velvet's demand for Jones to unmask himself, quit his gig, and beware of Velvet's "army of evil cats." “They are coming for Phoenix Jones and will claw him to an insanely ridiculous level,” Velvet said. (Did we mention we really love Rex Velvet so far?) While the Seattle supervillain prepares for a massive showdown, Velvet is busy attending the city's monthly Social Villain Alliance meetings — although the baddie confesses that the club's name is misleading. "No one wants to invite a social villain to the party. There’s not enough Skrillex or Dub Step at a villain party."

Velvet's parting words to Jones? "The vigilantes are nothing more than a bunch of nerds parading around in their mothers' tights." We kind of thought that too at first, but Jones has helped Seattle police on a number of occasions. However, we can make room for a cat-loving bad guy in our life and hope to see more from Velvet in the coming weeks. Follow Velvet on Twitter.

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