Watch: Real-Life Andy Creates Live-Action, Shot-for-Shot Remake of 'Toy Story'

Watch: Real-Life Andy Creates Live-Action, Shot-for-Shot Remake of 'Toy Story'

Sep 29, 2011

What if after Andy went to college, he decided to return home and create a live-action, shot-for-shot remake of the original Toy Story using real toys and wires and all that stuff? What would something like that look like, apart from it being extremely meta in a way that would probably freak a lot of young kids out? Okay, so this kid isn't Andy, but he actually looks a lot like the off-to-college Andy featured in Toy Story 3, and that's a good enough reason to support the journey he's currently on to remake Toy Story by painstakingly recreating every single shot with all the real toys.

Granted, you won't see their mouths moving and you will be able to see the strings they use to move all the toys, but give these kids a little bit of credit. When you check out the below completed scene, you'll no doubt agree what they've accomplished is pretty impressive. No word on when this will be done or where it will screen (for those interested in watching the entire thing), but you can follow along on their Facebook page for additional updates.


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