Watch: Ralph Fiennes Regrettably Reads Raunchy 'Harry Potter' FanFic

Watch: Ralph Fiennes Regrettably Reads Raunchy 'Harry Potter' FanFic

Jan 20, 2012

Sometimes you just have to feel bad for actors. Sure, they make millions of dollars and have fame around the world, but it's not all sunshine and roses, especially once they hit the press circuit. Promoting a movie isn't just time consuming and tedious, but often times it can become down right embarrassing. Take the below interview with Ralph Fiennes, for example. Here, one of the most talented and respected actors of our time, is promoting his directorial debut, the very serious Coriolanus, for Bravo TV.

As if the pajama wardrobe weren't bad enough, Fiennes is then shown the cover art for a Harry Potter porno spoof and is subsequently asked to read some erotic Potter fan fiction for the camera. Sure, he's a great sport about all of it, but we can't help but imagine the only thing running through his head is, "I'm Ralp Fiennes, for f**ks sake."

[Via Blastr]

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