Watch: Proof 'Star Wars' Fan Videos Are Still Worth Watching

Watch: Proof 'Star Wars' Fan Videos Are Still Worth Watching

Jan 08, 2013

You're not the only ones who need a break from all things viral having to do with Star Wars. As if it wasn't bad before, news of the franchise returning to the big screen with more sequels has opened the floodgates and it's now all Star Wars, all the time. So it's okay if you need a break -- and it's okay if you want to remain in this galaxy for the time being instead of forever traveling to one far, far away -- but before you search for some sort of rehab to help cure your addiction to unnecessary Star Wars viral videos, we do recommend you try one more. 

One of the comments on the YouTube page for Star Wars: Hard of Hearing Vader sums it up exactly: "I laughed hysterically. Don't really know why." You'll no doubt relate as you watch Darth Vader continually have a difficult time hearing those barking lines right next to him, a la your grandpa at Christmas dinner. The joke itself is repetitive, but damn if it didn't make us laugh every single time.

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