Watch Out for Watchmen

Watch Out for Watchmen

Jul 09, 2009

Blu-ray Bob couldn’t rip the cellophane off his BD copy of Watchmen: Director’s Cut quickly enough because he loves the movie and doesn’t give a toss about all the nitpicking it endured by cranky fanboys and critics. His eyes were as wide as the discs themselves until he opened the blue case and gazed at the advertisement inside. Watchmen contains an ad for a limited edition Ultimate Collector’s Edition that will be released in December and only available until June 2010. In other words, you plunk down your hard-earned cash for this shiny new three-disc Blu-ray set only to open it and find out that—gotcha!—there’s a better version coming at you in a few months. At least there is a helpful link to sign up for $10 off for those who can’t resist double dipping. So what do you get in the upcoming five-disc set? If you felt the 186-minute director’s cut simply wasn’t the endurance challenge your butt was seeking, the Ultimate Collector’s Edition has the Tales of the Black Freighter side story woven into it, which promises to push the flick over the 200-minute mark and then some. Extras include new commentary by Dave Gibbons and director Zack Snyder as well as two hours of bonus content, including Hollis Mason’s tell-all Under the Hood. If the Ultimate Collector’s Edition contains an ad for an Ultra Ultimate Collector’s Edition, Warner Bros. better watch out for the inevitable fanboy riot.

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