Watch: Our Own Scott Weinberg Hosts the Hilarious Fantastic Feud

Watch: Our Own Scott Weinberg Hosts the Hilarious Fantastic Feud

Sep 28, 2011

We'll have more of a full report on the events that transpired during Monday night's Fantastic Feud at Fantastic Fest, but we wanted to give you this quick glimpse into the action by way of a video that teases only a few minutes of one of the festival's most entertaining events. Another thing that separates Fantastic Fest from other film festivals is its wacky events like 100 Best Kills, Karaoke Apocalypse, Rap Battles and, my personal favorite, Fantastic Feud.

Hosted by our own Scott Weinberg, the Fantastic Feud plays very much like Family Feud, except all the questions are movie related and the teams are always USA vs International. Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan served as captains of their respective teams this year, which hosted a variety of filmmakers, critics and producers. Check out the video below -- featuring Weinberg dressed in a giant Luigi costume -- and look for our full report on the event later today. Check out our Fantastic Fest coverage here.


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