Watch: Oliver Stone Interrogates a Bunch of 'Savages'

Watch: Oliver Stone Interrogates a Bunch of 'Savages'

Jun 13, 2012

Following Oliver Stone's Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is the director's Savages, a crime-thriller about two skilled marijuana growers (Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch) who battle it out with a Mexican drug cartel — led (unbelievably) by Salma Hayek and an unhinged Benicio del Toro. John Travolta plays the DEA agent investigating the whole thing, and Blake Lively is the pot dealers' girlfriend. 

Savages has released interrogation videos as part of their viral marketing campaign, in place of the usual trailers. If you want to get to know the characters in the grungy-looking actioner, then check out the videos below where Oliver Stone takes the place of the interrogator. Hayek tries to act tough, Benicio wears a mask and rants about wanting to become a lizard, and Lively's sour puss fixates on her relationship with two men — because this is an Oliver Stone movie and the 66-year-old director has discovered polyamory for the first time and is letting his freak flag fly. Let us know if you'll be seeing Savages when it hits theaters on July 6.







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