'Stoker' and 'Oldboy' Director Park Chan-wook Shot This Short Film on an iPhone 4

'Stoker' and 'Oldboy' Director Park Chan-wook Shot This Short Film on an iPhone 4

Mar 20, 2013

Night Fishing Park Chan Wook film

We’re digging in the crates today for a cool short film from Oldboy director Park Chan-wook and his brother Park Chan-kyong that highlights the power (and limitations) of the iPhone as a filmmaking device.

Film School Rejects author Scott Beggs shared Night Fishing in his awesome Short Film of the Day series, and we figured it was worth sharing with you guys since most of you probably haven’t seen it. While the Parks were high on the idea of the iPhone being an affordable tool for aspiring filmmakers looking to shoot their projects on the cheap, the reality is that Night Fishing would have been more impressive if they’d shot it with a real camera.

Oh, there’s much to admire in the film, which blends horror and drama in a way that only the Koreans seem to be able to do effectively, but as Beggs points out, the technology is a huge limitation. The image quality is dark and grainy – and in the hands of a less-experienced filmmaker, we doubt the results would be particularly watchable.

However, Night Fishing is certainly worth checking out as a historical footnote. Anyone who can make a 30-minute-plus film using only an iPhone 4 as the main camera deserves props – it couldn’t have been easy. Maybe now the Parks can announce a remake, this one shot on a camera actually designed for capturing movies.

Check out Night Fishing below. 

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