Watch: Nicolas Cage Looks for God in This 'Left Behind' Trailer

Watch: Nicolas Cage Looks for God in This 'Left Behind' Trailer

May 30, 2014

Left Behind posterWe’re all out of Nic Cage jokes at this point – after all, what’s left to be said after that bee scene in The Wicker Man remake? Cage has had one of the strangest career trajectories in history after winning an Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas, and that trend continues with his next project – a remake of the biblical thriller Left Behind.

The title, based on the best-selling novel of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, follows the unfortunate sinners left behind (see what they did there?) on Earth after God calls all the good folks home. We’ve got the first trailer for the film and it looks almost exactly like what you’d expect. Cage camps it up as an airline pilot trying to figure out what’s going on. He’s joined in his quest by Jordin Sparks and Chad Michael Murray.

We suspect having Cage headline the cast will get more people to check out Left Behind – if only to see if the actor does anything completely ridiculous. We’re guessing he does – his hair and facial expression in the film’s poster all but promises as much. We’ll find out for sure when the film releases on October 3. Until then, enjoy the trailer.





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