Watch New Teasers for 'Django Unchained', 'Total Recall' and The Expendables 2'

Watch New Teasers for 'Django Unchained', 'Total Recall' and The Expendables 2'

Jul 02, 2012

Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained

If there’s a better way to kick off this patriotic 4th of July work week than seeing new trailers for Django Unchained, Total Recall, and The Expendables 2, we don’t want to know about it. It’s our belief that the founding fathers would insist on commemorating the anniversary of our nation’s independence with a lot of action-packed trailers – had they actually known what a trailer was. So, without further ado, let the ass-kicking commence. God Bless America -- and God bless our friends at The Movie Box for sharing all of these clips.

Those who tuned in to last night’s BET Awards were treated to the usual award show pomp and circumstance (at least if our Twitter feeds were any indication), but amidst all the awards and glamor, there was a new television spot for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Django Unchained.

Jamie Foxx plays the title character (the D is silent…), inspired by the classic spaghetti western series, only with a Tarantino twist. The former slave becomes a bounty hunter in order to rescue his wife from an evil plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio). The minute-long clip mixes in some new footage and looks exactly like what you’d expect from a Tarantino film.

Django Unchained rides into theaters dispensing brutal justice and holiday cheer on Christmas day.

Next up, a new TV teaser for Colin Farrell’s upcoming Total Recall remake.

Farrell takes over the role made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger in this updating of Paul Verhoeven’s cult classic. The new teaser is only 30 seconds long, but does feature a recreation of the classic scene in the original where a recorded Schwarzenegger updates his current self on the situation he's in. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a single instance of anyone telling Farrell to “get your ass to Mars!” Maybe they’re saving that for the finished film…

We’ll find out one way or the other when Total Recall opens on August 3rd.

Finally, what better way to celebrate our right to bear arms than with a new clip from The Expendables 2? When the founding fathers envisioned this great land of ours, we can only assume that they imagined a country where everyone was free to pursue life, liberty, and personal happiness – and where action movies put together a veritable dream team of stars to share American idealism with the less fortunate…one bullet at a time.

If that was indeed the case, then this new teaser clip for the film is proof positive that the vision the architects of this great nation had all those years ago is alive and well.

Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham take center stage in the new preview – which is only 40 seconds long, but does feature a pretty funny gag. Judging by this footage, The Expendables 2 seems set to deliver what audiences are expecting – more big name action stars doing what they do best.

We’ll see if the rest of the film delivers when it blasts into theaters on August 17th.


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