Watch: New Documentary Follows a Real-Life, Vatican-Approved Exorcist

Watch: New Documentary Follows a Real-Life, Vatican-Approved Exorcist

Apr 05, 2012


Fredrik Horn Akselsen's new movie has been Vatican tested and approved. No, really. It has. The Norwegian filmmaker follows real-life, church appointed exorcist José Antonio Fortea for his creepy documentary The Exorcist of the 21st Century. The devil has always been a hot commodity in horror, and Akselsen's film feeds our ongoing obsession with the devil. It's a known fact that the Catholic Church has — and sometimes still does — perform exorcisms. They were a popular occurrence throughout the 20th century — particularly during the '60s and '70s. Was it simply due to the social/political/economic unrest during that time, or is Satan the real deal? Who the heck knows —  but we're interested to see what Fortea has to say about it.
Website io9 shared a trailer for Akselsen's new movie, along with a handy synopsis. In it, Fortea is described as one of the few exorcists in Europe, who travels the world ridding the possessed masses of demonic spirits. The woman you see in the trailer is Constanza. She hails from Colombia and is desperately looking for help, claiming to be possessed by demons for almost 15 years. "The film follows both their journeys and gives a unique insight into one of the world most secret and mystical rites — the Catholic ritual of exorcism." Let us know if the trailer peaks your interest, or if you're on exorcism overload after a slew of possession tales at the movies.

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