Watch a New Commercial That Imagines a World Where James Dean Is Still Alive

Watch a New Commercial That Imagines a World Where James Dean Is Still Alive

May 22, 2013


It's a given that we sometimes wonder about the what-ifs and the might have beens when it comes to our favorite pop-culture stars who left us too soon. It felt like we had only seen the beginning of ferocious talents like Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and River Phoenix. South African investment management company Allan Gray is banking on that in their new advertisement for its long-term investing offerings.
They company has imagined what the life of Rebel Without a Cause actor James Dean might have been like had he not crashed his Porsche 550 Spyder on that fateful day in 1955. We see Dean through the ages racing cars, walking hand in hand with his family, receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award, and offering his support in a Third World country. Gray's ad also brings us to the moment of the car accident, except we see Dean survive — and then these words flash on the screen: "Given more time, imagine the possibilities."
Cue the biggest groan ever. Yes, it's certainly an interesting snapshot of an enigmatic movie star we wish were still alive today, but it's a gross manipulation of our emotions. We've written about the various awful ways the media has banked on dead celebrities, using their images in advertisements and resurrecting them from the grave. This is no different to us. How does it make you feel? [via Dangerous Minds]

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