Watch: The Muppets Tell You to Shut Up at the Movies

Watch: The Muppets Tell You to Shut Up at the Movies

Oct 10, 2011

In their latest promotion for the new Muppet movie due in theaters on November 23rd, the Muppets teamed up with AMC theaters on a little PSA about making obnoxious noises while watching a movie at the theater. Kermit and Miss Piggy are out for a date at the movie theater, except they didn't expect a bunch of other folks to show up and make loud noises -- like the Swedish Chef, who's microwaving a few rows behind them, or Animal, who figured now might be a good time to play the drums. Sure, these might be exaggerated forms of noises you shouldn't make in the theater, but something tells us you probably figured that out already. Or at least we hope you did.

Check out the PSA below ...


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