Watch: Movies Predict the Future, Seven PsychoCATS and a Doc on Backyard Fan Films

Watch: Movies Predict the Future, Seven PsychoCATS and a Doc on Backyard Fan Films

Oct 09, 2012

Welcome to Morning Watch, our daily roundup of funny/interesting/bizarre/creative/informative videos for you to start your day with.

Here's a great supercut from Eclectic Method that uses sci-fi movies to show us how close or far off they were in predicting the future. They explain: "Some technology predictions in these films have already proven to be accurate and some are still a ways off – or not! … cameras on every corner, oil shortages, massive cultural uprisings in the Middle East, retinal scans, X-rays, flying cars and hoverboards, hybrid humans, robots, A.I., teleportation and so on. Who really watches sci-fi for the plot anyway, you wanna see the goodness condensed." [Gizmodo]

Yes, we're itching to see Seven Psychopaths when it hits theaters this weekend (read this list of our seven favorite movie psychopaths), but is it wrong for us to also want to see this parody version featuring all cats? [Neatorama]

We've posted countless fan films over the years -- some good and some just awful -- but we rarely stop to learn more about the people who dedicated countless hours of their time to making these low-budget homages. That'll change with the documentary Backyard Blockbusters, which, according to the description, will look "at the history and influence of the fan-film genre, as well as the copyright and fair use problems these films create." Check out the trailer below. [Boing Boing]

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