Watch Michel Gondry's Sweded Version of 'Taxi Driver'

Watch Michel Gondry's Sweded Version of 'Taxi Driver'

Dec 16, 2011

If you saw Michel Gondry's 2008 film Be Kind Rewind, then you probably remember what "sweded" means. Essentially it's recreating a lo-fi version of a film. Watch the movie again, and listen to Jack Black explain it if you want the full nitty gritty. To celebrate Martin Scorsese's Hugo opening in France this weekend, the Science of Sleep director paid homage to the Italian-American auteur with his version of Taxi Driver. We don't want to say too much about it, since it's best watched firsthand, but Gondry's take on the iconic film is so damn charming it makes you want to puke rainbows and unicorns. Head to France2 to watch Gondry play Travis Bickle and eat ice cream with hookers. Let us know what you think.


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