Watch: Michael Bay Tries to Fund 'Bad Boys III' on Kickstarter

Watch: Michael Bay Tries to Fund 'Bad Boys III' on Kickstarter

Jul 27, 2012

Explosion! "MTV award-winning" director Michael Bay has joined Kickstarter — or at least a comical version of the flashy director has. Jest posted a video featuring a parody of blow-em-up Bay trying to realize the movie of his dreams that involves "chicks with big cans" and "basejumps into the space between the Statue of Liberty's t*ts."

Since studios have apparently stopped taking the filmmaker's pitches for movies with human protagonists, he's making Bad Boys III — the "sequel" to the "tactlessly violent" and "at times racist" film that we all know so well from 2003. If you want to see Bay continue to grow as a filmmaker and support his "blowing sh*t up," "banging insane hotties," and "driving awesome cars," watch his "sh*tkicking" plea for cash below.

Warning: The following video contains profanity and is NSFW


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