Watch: Meet the Real-Life Demon-Hunting Cop from 'Deliver Us from Evil'

Watch: Meet the Real-Life Demon-Hunting Cop from 'Deliver Us from Evil'

Jul 02, 2014


Ralph Sarchie is a decorated New York City police-sergeant veteran who seems like your typical tough guy from Queens, but he also happens to be a demonologist. His life story, detailed in his 2001 book Beware the Night, has been made into a new movie by Sinister director Scott Derrickson. Deliver Us from Evil opens in theaters this week.

Sarchie is also the subject of this 15-minute documentary by Gabriel Noble. In the short, we learn that Sarchie considers demonic spirits “a different kind of perpetrator, but a perpetrator none the less.” Armed with holy water, incense and salt, the grizzled former detective visits people’s homes to perform cleansings, and yes, sometimes exorcisms.

But the life of a famous demonologist (Sarchie studied with some of the greatest, including Ed and Lorraine Warren) comes with great risk. He tells us that the spirits have followed him home on occasion, affecting his family and peace of mind. Watch a day in the life of a former cop who confronts evil, below.




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