Watch: Matthew McConaughey Explains the Science Behind 'Interstellar' in New TV Special

Watch: Matthew McConaughey Explains the Science Behind 'Interstellar' in New TV Special

Nov 14, 2014


If you’ve already seen Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, and you find that the film has left you wanting to know more about black holes and theoretical physics, then you can always pick up Kip Thorne’s new book The Science of Interstellar. Thorne, a theoretical physicist who was also an executive producer on the film, breaks it all down in compelling detail.

Maybe the idea of reading a book about science scares you, though. Perhaps you’re more of a visual learner. If that’s the case, the Discovery Channel has your back. The cable station’s new special, The Science of Interstellar, has turned up online. And while it’s not quite as informative as Thorne’s book, you can learn some pretty neat stuff in the 40 minutes it will take you to watch it. If that doesn’t sell you, how about this – it’s narrated by Matthew McConaughey.

The show breaks down some of the science that drives the film in a fairly easy-to-understand way, and it features interviews with Nolan, his brother Jonathan, and a lot of scientists – the latter group explains things like black holes, the theory of relativity and all that other stuff you totally slept through in your high school science class.

If you missed The Science of Interstellar when it aired, don’t fret – you can see the whole show, sans commercials, above.

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