Watch: Martin Scorsese Responds to 'Wolf' Criticism, Plus: Jimmy Kimmel's Hilarious Scorsese Interview

Watch: Martin Scorsese Responds to 'Wolf' Criticism, Plus: Jimmy Kimmel's Hilarious Scorsese Interview

Jan 07, 2014


Most of you reading this website will know by now that Martin Scorsese’s latest, The Wolf of Wall Street, has prompted a number of wildly different responses from audiences — from people calling it the best film of 2013 to fellow Academy members calling the director’s work “pornography” and “disgusting.” And let’s not forget that open letter from Christina McDowell, which was countered with an even better open letter from her father.

Scorsese has addressed some of the backlash in a recent video interview. “Why not just show it?” the filmmaker asks us, regarding the “obscene” and “profane” behavior of Wall Street’s protagonists. He hoped to invite people to enter the mindset of money launderer Jordan Belfort and provoke them to “actually at times find it funny.” Although he makes it clear that Belfort’s behavior and actions aren’t really funny.

In the end, Scorsese is happy that people are discussing the issues his film presents. During his decades-long career, Scorsese has always featured controversial characters who do despicable things. His Wall Street wise guys are missing the Italian suits and cement shoes, but they’re certainly familiar to his oeuvre. The interview also reveals that the filmmaker doesn’t expect to release his four-hour cut of the movie (he does mention some great improvisations that were missing from his final version), and his favorite scene (the yacht showdown). Bonus: he briefly waxes poetic about the work of Akira Kurosawa.

See it all in this 15-minute video we spotted on Screen Rant.

Meanwhile, on a lighter note, Jimmy Kimmel got creative when it came to his interview with Martin Scorsese. Watch as Kimmel's parking-lot security guard Guillermo interviews Scorsese in a very "Scorsese" kinda way. You'll see what we mean below.  

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