Watch: Mark Romanek's Kia Soul Hamster Commercial That Premiered During the VMAs

Watch: Mark Romanek's Kia Soul Hamster Commercial That Premiered During the VMAs

Aug 29, 2011

If you watched the MTV Video Music Awards last night, chances are one commercial stuck out from the rest: Kia Soul's dancing hamster ad featuring our favorite trio of Kia hamsters shuffling to LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem." The ad is pretty genius because it begins in what looks to be a Halo-like video game universe, with characters in full-on battle mode, before our hamsters pull up in the middle of mayhem and begin dancing, eventually prompting the entire battlefield to join in.

It's a fun ad and the latest to be directed by Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo, Never Let Me Go), who's almost legendary when it comes to his music video directing, but is also behind a lot of great commercials too. It's hard to get the young ones (and even the older ones) to pay attention these days when you have one bland car commercial after another, but Romanek proves that injecting popular music, video games and great special effects can go a long way when it comes to drawing in the viewer. We bet his Kia Soul ads sell a good amount of cars.

Additional note: The effects for this ad were created by the company Method, who've worked on films like Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Spike Jonze's I'm Here, The Green Hornet, Terrence Malick's Tree of Life and so much more.

Check out the ad below in case you missed it, and also watch this great seven-minute video featuring Romanek talking about how he makes his videos, what inspires him and more.


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