How to Watch Louis C.K.'s Unreleased First Film, Starring Steve Carell, Amy Poehler and More

How to Watch Louis C.K.'s Unreleased First Film, Starring Steve Carell, Amy Poehler and More

Jan 07, 2014

Tomorrow Night Louis CKComedian Louis C.K. has become a Hollywood star over the past few years, thanks in no small part to his beloved series Louie, and some hilarious stand-up specials. However, back in 1998, he was relatively unknown to mainstream America – so he gathered up $20,000 and decided to make a movie.

Turns out, $20,000 wasn’t enough, and Mr. C.K. had to borrow some cash from famous friends like Chris Rock and John Stewart to finish his directorial debut – a weird black-and-white feature titled Tomorrow Night. Boasting a cast of big names like Conan O’Brien, Steve Carell, Amy Poehler and Wanda Sykes, C.K. took the film to Sundance, but it never got a mainstream release – until now.

C.K. appeared on The Tonight Show last night and revealed that he’s releasing Tomorrow Night through his website as a $5 download. A chance to see vintage early work from Louis C.K.? Sign us up.

The trailer looks totally bizarre (it features a character who sits on a bowl of ice cream to pleasure himself, for starters), but C.K. has always had a great way of making the seemingly bizarre hilarious. Hopefully that’s the case here.

Here’s the official plot breakdown for the film. Check out the full trailer below that. Tomorrow Night will be available at Louis C.K.’s website this February.

Tomorrow Night chronicles the loneliness of photo-shop owner Charles, an acerbic, repressed man with an unquenchable “taste” for ice cream. His energetic and overly cheerful postman Mel convinces him that what he really needs is womanly companionship. On the other side of town is Florence, a lonely old woman with a mean, vociferous husband. When Florence isn’t being tortured by her husband, she pines away for Billy, her son in the army who hasn’t written in twenty years and who makes Gomer Pyle look like Einstein. To top it off, the only friend Florence has is Tina, a sweet yet crude and scruffy young man who dresses in old-lady drag. Tina convinces Florence that maybe she needs a little extracurricular spice in her life. Enter Charles, who gets off on the thought of a clean and orderly household, and you have a match made in heaven. From there, things get even weirder.

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