Watch Liam Hemsworth Go After Woody Harrelson in the Trailer for 'The Duel'

Watch Liam Hemsworth Go After Woody Harrelson in the Trailer for 'The Duel'

Apr 28, 2016

The Western has been back in full force for a while now, but this should be the year it really proves popular again with mainstream audiences. They embraced the genre pretty well towards the end of 2015 with such varied works as The Hateful Eight, The Ridiculous 6 and The Revenant. Now we need to see if Westerns work as well at other times of the year. Along with the bigger, more star-studded remake of The Magnificent Seven coming this fall, there's the counter-programming summer release of The Duel.

Liam Hemsworth leads the movie as a Texas Ranger investigating a series of murders in a mysterious small town in the 1880s. The place is run by a preacher played by fellow Hunger Games actor Woody Harrelson, and as the official synopsis puts it: "the routine undercover investigation soon turns personal for the ranger who must solve the case before he loses everything." William Sadler plays the governor who sends the Ranger on the assignment, though as we hear in the trailer below, there's also revenge at hand. 

The Duel also co-stars Alice Braga and Emory Cohen, and it's directed by Kieran Darcy-Smith (Wish You Were Here) from a script by Matt Cook (Triple 9) that made the Blacklist of best unproduced screenplays in 2009. It arrives in theaters and on VOD on June 24.




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