Watch Kid 'n Play Re-create Their Famous 'House Party' Rap Battle 20 Years Later

Watch Kid 'n Play Re-create Their Famous 'House Party' Rap Battle 20 Years Later

Mar 01, 2013

House Party is one of the greatest party movies ever made, and that just needs to be said up front. With the hard-partying 21 and Over hitting theaters this weekend, now is an appropriate time to remind all of you that nothing will ever top this colorful dance jam straight out of a 1990 wormhole full of big pants, oily hair and old-school rap stars. Nothing!

Sure, the music is hype and the comedy is dope, but House Party also serves you a complete checklist of everything you're supposed to do right in a proper movie about the ultimate house party. The oblivious-yet-nosy parent? Check. The bad bullys who are up to no good? Check. The idiot best friend with bad breath who almost ruins everything? Check. The two heroes and their beautiful-but-flawed female crushes? Check. Angry, hilarious neighbors? Check. Stupid cops? Check. Random George Clinton cameo? Hell yeah!

And all that is well and good (and fly and chill), but none of it would matter without the party itself. The actual house party in House Party is chock-full of so many memorable scenes, including our personal favorite: the rap battle between Kid and Play. Not only is it a career highlight for the real-life hip-hop duo, but it's also one of the great movie scenes of the '90s. 

Here it is...

Back in 2010, Kid 'n Play reunited for a special House Party 20th anniversary celebration at the Tribeca Film Festival. Want to see what that same rap battle looked like 20 years later? 

And just because you didn't ask for it, here's our other favorite scene from House Party. What's yours?


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