Watch: Kevin Spacey Dons Spandex Bodysuit in Teaser for Chinese Superhero Flick 'Inseparable'

Watch: Kevin Spacey Dons Spandex Bodysuit in Teaser for Chinese Superhero Flick 'Inseparable'

May 03, 2012

Kevin Spacey in Inseparable

As proof that filmmaking is still a global enterprise, actor Kevin Spacey has unveiled the first teaser clip for his upcoming film Inseparable. What makes Inseparable so interesting? It was made and produced not in Hollywood, but China.

As far as we can recall, this marks the first time an Oscar winner has headlined a Chinese film (Spacey’s work on Inseparable was done in 2010, putting him ahead of Christian Bale’s appearance in Flowers of War) – which is pretty impressive in its own right, but not nearly as fascinating as the clip itself. Kevin Spacey is one of our most distinguished actors and he traveled abroad to make…a superhero movie?

Based on the film’s tagline, “A young man with problems at home and work befriends his odd neighbor,” we’re guessing Spacey doesn’t really have super-powers. Instead, Inseparable looks like a Chinese riff on American features like Kick-Ass or Super.

Even with that knowledge, it’s still surprising/hilarious to see Spacey don his full superhero regalia. It’s hard to make any sort of judgment about Inseparable based on this short teaser, but we have to wonder why Spacey felt he had to go halfway across the globe to make this kind of film. Spacey told THR that it as because director Dayyan Eng’s film was a “very daring and unusual film.” We suspect that if the actor was really hellbent on playing a superhero, someone from Marvel Films or any of the DC titles in development would have jumped at the opportunity to cast the actor.

We’re not sure what to make of this one – so have a look at Inseparable’s trailer below and let us know what you think. 

[via Movieline]

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