Watch: Kevin Bacon Brings Back All His Famous Characters for These Fantastic Ads (Now with More 'Footloose')

Watch: Kevin Bacon Brings Back All His Famous Characters for These Fantastic Ads (Now with More 'Footloose')

Mar 22, 2014

UPDATE: Kevin Bacon continued to celebrate his old, iconic roles with this spectacular entrance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, re-creating two of the more dancey-dance scenes in Footloose, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Of all the Footloose moments to re-create 30 years later, we never thought we'd ever see Bacon return to the crazy warehouse dance, and we're as shocked as you are that the dude still remembers all the moves three decades later. The white T-shirt? The wall banging? The hip jiving? The beer-bottle throw? C'mon! It's all in there!

Bacon's been on a kick as of late when it comes to looking back at the most memorable characters he's played over the years. See these TV spots below for more Bacon awesomeness.


U.K. digital communications company EE hooked Kevin Bacon for a fun commercial that we’ll be giggling about all day. Spoofing the many roles of the actor, Bacon enlists the help of other “Bacons” to take advantage of EE’s two-for-one movie-tickets offer.

First off, major props to the ad people who didn’t neglect to include Bacon’s role in Friday the 13th — and the arrow that killed him (even if it appears to be slightly off, in the wrong spot). A Few Good Men Bacon keeps the many Bacons in line as they try to figure out who to invite to the movies. Apollo 13, Footloose, Flatliners and Hollow Man Bacon all make appearances.

You’d think we’d see Bacon in every commercial since the guy is such a good sport about his own shtick — evidenced in this Google TV spot we also love. Get with it, advertisers: everyone loves Bacon.




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