Watch: 'Chronicle' Director Josh Trank Made This Cool 'Star Wars' Short Back in 2007

Watch: 'Chronicle' Director Josh Trank Made This Cool 'Star Wars' Short Back in 2007

Jun 05, 2014

Stabbing at Leia's stormtrooper

Filmmaker Josh Trank has been garnering lots of attention since being announced as the director of the new Fantastic Four movie, and landing the prestigious gig of helming one of the new Star Wars spin-offs.

However, that spin-off won’t be Trank’s first trip to a galaxy far, far away – it turns out the Chronicle filmmaker actually made a Star Wars themed short film way back in 2007.

The roughly 90-second mini movie is titled Stabbing at Leia’s, and is at least a little bit reminiscent of Trank’s work in Chronicle.

In the film, two guys get into a fight at a party, but rather than punch it out, they whip out lightsabers and go to town. Things don’t end well, and soon the cops – played by a group of Stormtroopers – are on the scene.

Rumor has it the short film helped Trank get his big break, and there’s no denying that it’s pretty cool. Check it out below, but be forewarned that it has a lot of NOT SAFE FOR WORK language.

[via /Film]




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