Watch: Jonah Hill Prank-Called Best Buy Just to Practice His 'Wolf of Wall Street' Accent

Watch: Jonah Hill Prank-Called Best Buy Just to Practice His 'Wolf of Wall Street' Accent

Feb 24, 2014

Sometimes it's the little things that really make a difference when it comes to discovering a character. Speaking to Dave Karger for Fandango's Frontrunners video series, Jonah Hill revealed the various steps he had to take in order to nail down the thick Long Island accent his character Donnie strolls around with in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street. 

As Hill explains, the character required him to wear fake teeth that would give him a lisp when he put them in. In order to lose the lisp, he was instructed to talk for up to two hours before filming, but that became a problem when he couldn't find enough people willing to talk to him. So what he did was call random businesses as Donnie, singling out a Best Buy in Hawaii as having terrific customer service.

Hill also credits Spike Jonze with the voice assist in a separate story, both of which are included in the video below.


For those not familiar with the Frontrunners series, each episode is divided into three parts. The first features some general chitchat, and the third utilizes questions from fans. It's the second part that's the juiciest for movie nerds, as Karger and his guest watch one scene from the movie and dissect it in real time. That's the part we've embedded above. You can watch the other two parts from the Jonah Hill episode below, including a funny bit in part three where Hill reveals the other Oscar-nominated movie he almost spoofed on Saturday Night Live.




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