Watch: Jon Hamm Gives Advice to Teenage Girls on a Webcam

Watch: Jon Hamm Gives Advice to Teenage Girls on a Webcam

May 09, 2012

What does Jon Hamm, one of the most desired men of our age, do when not starring in Mad Men, the best show on television? He flexes his comedy chops in small roles on 30 Rock and Bridesmaids, of course. But what does he do when he's not making fun of how handsome he is? Apparently he gives out relationship advice to random 16-year-old girls via webcam.

No, Don Draper doesn't sit on Chat Roulette waiting to talking to teenagers about their crushes (or does he?), but he does lend his time to Rookie Mag, an outfit that has an ongoing series called Ask a Grown Man. The result is not only hilarious, but highly informative; assuming, that is, you've always wanted to know if boys get that tingly feeling in their stomach when they're near their crushes, or if it's weird for girls to fart in front of their boyfriends.

Bonus, here's Paul Rudd's Ask a Grown Man:

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