Watch: Jenna Fischer Trades Love at 'The Office' with 'The Giant Mechanical Man' & 'Step Up: Revolution' Holds Gyrating Protest March

Watch: Jenna Fischer Trades Love at 'The Office' with 'The Giant Mechanical Man' & 'Step Up: Revolution' Holds Gyrating Protest March

Mar 30, 2012

Jenna Fischer's husband Lee Kirk (they weren't married at the time of her accepting the role) directed a movie that stars The Office celeb as a soft spoken, down on her luck gal who finds love with a misunderstood street performer — who happens to paint himself silver and dance the robot — in The Giant Mechanical Man. Topher Grace plays the jerkface self-help author that our leading lady's sister (Malin Akerman) tries to push her toward. Zany warm fuzzies ensue in the quirky romantic comedy, which has a cute trailer for your perusal. Fischer recently chatted with Collider about the film: 

"What resonated with me about it is that it’s about a woman who’s in her early 30s, and she hasn’t found the love of her life, she hasn’t found the career of her life, she’s struggling, she loses her only job as a temp and has to move in with her sister, and everyone is telling her how she could live her life better … It’s constant advice and meddling … It’s just completely debilitating. And then, she meets this man and love changes everything."

See if you can relate, below.

Kathryn McCormick's Emily heads to Miami with dreams of becoming a professional dancer and falls in love with Ryan Guzman's Sean — a cocky alpha type who heads a gyrating dance mob, performing their unique brand of street steps on top of bouncing low-riders. You get the picture. This is a Step Up movie. The Revolution, even.

Eventually Emily convinces "The Mob" that they need to band together and save their neighborhood, which is being threatened by a wealthy developer. When Emily makes the assertion that it's time for performance art to become protest art, the crew follows her lead and fights for their dreams. Respect to the dancers with awesome skills, which you can check out in the trailer below. The story comes at an interesting time, when words like "slacktivism" are on everyone's lips. "We can change things," Emily says. At least she's convinced.

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