Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme Pull a Giant Block of Ice with His Mullet

Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme Pull a Giant Block of Ice with His Mullet

Aug 26, 2014

Did anyone miss Jean-Claude Van Damme in The Expendables 3? How could they when the Belgian action star has been making so many commercial appearances lately? The guy has risen as one the most notable pitchmen on television over the past year, showing up in hilarious spots for GoDaddy, Volvo and now Coors Light. 

For the beer brand, JCVD is not just pulling an ice block on a sled with his mullet. He's not just carving a bull's head ice sculpture by kicking it. And he's not just destroying giant icicles with his powerful roundhouse to the sound of an awesome '80s-era action movie-style synth score. He's building an ice bar in the mountains, like one that you can win a trip to if you're a resident of the U.K. 

Yeah, this is an ad for Coors that's airing across the pond, and there's info on the beer's U.K. site for ice bars you can visit in London and Manchester, too. But if you're in the U.S., you can always just head to one of the many ice bars around the country, including ones in Las Vegas and Orlando. And drink anything you want.

JCVD won't be there to celebrate or chisel out a jukebox for you, unfortunately, but then he's not going to be at the prizewinner's party in Austria, either. But you can pull up The Expendables 2 or Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning on Netflix on your phone and pretend the Muscle from Brussels is right there with you freezing your bum off. 






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