Watch: International Trailers for 'John Carter' and 'Battleship' Land Online

Watch: International Trailers for 'John Carter' and 'Battleship' Land Online

Dec 27, 2011

Still from John Carter

With the new year approaching, it’s time to start looking ahead to the films of 2012 – and with that in mind, we’re bringing you two new international trailers for a couple of films that people are already anticipating: Battleship and John Carter.

The “international” part should clue you in that these are trailers for foreign markets (in this case, both are for Japan), so they feature some Japanese voiceovers and subtitles, but everything else (including some new footage) is in English.

First up, a new trailer for John Carter. The film’s US debut is getting ever closer (it hits theaters on March 9th) and this new clip has us pretty interested in finally seeing it. The effects look decent and the story of Carter (Taylor Kitsch), a war-weary soldier who finds himself fighting on Mars sounds interesting enough. Check out the new clip below and see what you think. [via Coming Soon]

If you were hoping that the Japanese trailer for Peter Berg’s Battleship might actually resemble the classic board game, we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news – it still looks like a poor man’s Transformers. Taylor Kitsch stars in this bizarre looking update of the game many of us (over the age of 20) grew up playing, and is joined by Liam Neeson and Rihanna in a fight to the death with some sort of strange alien invaders who rise up like Cthulhu from the bottom of the sea. We will admit to actually liking the Japanese trailer more than the American ones, if only because of the way the announcer says “Battleship!” at the end of the clip.

Battleship sails into theaters on May 18th.  [via Coming Soon]           

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