Watch: International Clip for 'Red Lights' and Trailer for Nic Cage's 'Seeking Justice' Debut

Watch: International Clip for 'Red Lights' and Trailer for Nic Cage's 'Seeking Justice' Debut

Jan 26, 2012

Nic Cage and Guy Pearce in Seeking Justice

We’ve got two new trailers for your consideration this morning – so let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

Nicolas Cage looks to continue his depressing career slide (the lone exception in recent years has been the sublimely brilliant Bad Lieutenant remake) with this new clip for Seeking Justice (originally titled The Hungry Rabbit Jumps). Cage plays a man who’s devastated when his wife is attacked while out alone one night. He learns the hard way that turning to a shadowy organization for vigilante justice might seem like a good idea, but there are usually strings attached. Next thing you know, Guy Pearce is going all The Godfather on him and Cage is forced to choose between killing a man (who is apparently a convicted sex offender) or fighting for his own life when he refuses.

Seeking Justice looks like the kind of generic thriller Hollywood churns out at least twenty times a year. Watching Cage dodge bullets (and trucks) is apparently entertaining to someone, but you have to wonder why he’d bother putting himself and his wife in this kind of danger if he could avoid it all by killing some perv. Maybe there’s a catch we’re not getting in the trailer (remember the days when trailers didn’t spoil entire movies for you?), but if you object to killing in general, wouldn’t going through the brushes with death and potential moral issues of killing Guy Pearce and his fellow vigilantes be just as troublesome as offing the sex offender? Okay, you’re right – I’m way overthinking this. Check out the trailer for Seeking Justice below. It’s lacking in the “Nic Cage in a bear suit” and “Nic Cage punching women in the face” departments, but it makes up with slow motion footage of Cage running. [via /Film]

I really dug Rodrigo Cortes’ film Buried, which made a pretty big splash at Sundance two years ago. It wasn’t a perfect film, but Ryan Reynolds was convincing as a man buried alive in Iraq, and the film’s intense claustrophobia actually shook me at various points.

I’ve been waiting to see what the filmmaker would do for an encore – and the answer is Red Lights. The film just debuted at this year’s Sundance (to disappointingly mixed reviews) and follows “psychologist Margaret Matheson (Sigourney Weaver) and her assistant Tom Buckley (Cillian Murphy) as they study and disprove paranormal activity, parascience and psychics. But can they take down world-renowned psychic Simon Silver (Robert De Niro), who has come out of retirement after three decades?”

We got our first look at a teaser trailer for the film back in the fall, and while there’s not a new domestic clip for the film, there is an international clip that features new footage. The catch is that it’s in Spanish and lacks subtitles. The positive here is that if you’ve ever wondered what Robert De Niro sounded like with a dubbed Spanish voice, you will know by the end of the clip.

No word yet on when Red Lights will hit theaters, but we’ll share the details when they’re announced. [via /Film]

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