Watch: If You Liked 'The Cabin in the Woods,' Then You'll Love 'The Sleepover'

Watch: If You Liked 'The Cabin in the Woods,' Then You'll Love 'The Sleepover'

Nov 13, 2012

It feels like we're constantly on the verge of this trend where we get an influx of horror movies about horror movies. Stuff like The Cabin in the Woods, Scream, Behind the Mask or next year's You're Next  -- movies that pick apart the horror genre, then piece it back together with a wink and a nudge. The reason why it doesn't become an all-out trend is because they don't usually do too well at the box office. With Scream being the exception, audiences seem to like their horror straight up with little extra fluff. The Cabin in the Woods may be beloved by hard-core movie nerds and horror geeks, but general audiences just didn't get it. 

Those that did "get it," though, loved the heck out of it, and when the film hit DVD/Blu-ray they launched a short-film contest to go along with it, requesting horror shorts with a satirical and comedic take on the genre. The short that won is called The Sleepover, and like Cabin in the Woods it's a horror film within a horror film, as the central premise is that it takes place in a town that's forever plagued by a slasher-type villain.

Directed by Chris Cullari, The Sleepover is meant to be a proof of concept for a feature film "about a town living between the sequels of its infamous masked killer." In this short, the new kid in town finds out there's a reason to be afraid of the dark. 

Watch it below, and if you dig the short go support it on Facebook. [via GeekTyrant]

THE SLEEPOVER from Chris Cullari on Vimeo.


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