Watch: Iconic Bad Guys Malcolm McDowell, John Hawkes, and More in Eerie Video Series

Watch: Iconic Bad Guys Malcolm McDowell, John Hawkes, and More in Eerie Video Series

Jun 04, 2012

The folks at GQ got in touch with their dark side and spoke to seven actors who "have turned scaring the living crap out of us into an art form" for a feature about "bad guys." Internationally renown photographer Nadav Kander shot the steely photos of the bad boy elite — including Game of Thrones' Jack Gleeson, actor Benicio Del Toro, and legends like Malcolm McDowell.

Kander also created a short, humorous video series to accompany the interviews and images. Each star is shot in the throes of some kind of intense, seemingly terrifying action, which is later revealed to be a mundane thing (McDowell washing dishes, John Hawkes killing bugs, Ron Perlman trying to open a jammed jar).
The featured interviews provide insight into the minds of our dark heroes. Del Toro is happy taking on a terrible persona. "With the bad guy you have more freedom to experiment and go further out than with a good guy. I think a good guy's role has its perimeter marked, in a way," he shared. Kick-Ass' Mark Strong thinks Ralph Fiennes' role in Schindler's List embodies pure evil. Hawkes admires fellow bad guy Macdowell, calling him the "most interesting villain" in A Clockwork Orange. "It's a very influential character, and I think kind of signaled the death knell of the innocence of the Flower Power movement, ushering in a punk sensibility in music and art. There was something almost sexy about Mcdowell's performance that was very attractive," he stated.
Watch several of the eerie, but amusing, videos below. Then, head to GQ's website to read the full interview series.




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