Watch Ian Fleming Reveal How He Came Up with the Name James Bond

Watch Ian Fleming Reveal How He Came Up with the Name James Bond

Nov 09, 2012

As you prepare to devour Skyfall this weekend, why not get your James Bond groove started by checking out this cool clip of Ian Fleming talking about where he first came up with the name James Bond. According to the video Fleming didn't want a name that had any "romantic overtones like Peregrine Carruthers." (Something tells us we wouldn't be at 23 movies with a name like Peregrine Carruthers.) Instead he wanted "a really flat, quiet name," and so he drew inspiration from an author who wrote the 1936 book Birds of the West Indies. That author's name? James Bond.

Watch the rest of the video below. [via Cinephilia & Beyond]

Also, in case you're curious to know whether that James Bond resembled the current James Bond, Daniel Craig, you'll find your answer below. 

Yeah, not much. Funnily enough, he does look like a much older version of Sean Connery's original Bond. What do you think?

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