Watch: How Quentin Tarantino Entertained Sally Menke While She Was Editing His Movies

Watch: How Quentin Tarantino Entertained Sally Menke While She Was Editing His Movies

Dec 31, 2012

Award-nominated, beloved film and television editor Sally Menke worked with Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino until her death in 2010. She had just completed Inglourious Basterds with QT the previous year, which was nominated for a Best Film Editing Academy Award, BAFTA and more. Working with the passionate, nerdy, hyper filmmaker can't always be easy, but Menke has always spoken highly of Tarantino.

"Quentin and I have such a specific way of working we've developed during the past 11 years, it's just natural. He's an extension of me, and I'm an extension of him. We're kinda like a movie husband and wife," she once said. The below videos from the set of Basterds and Death Proof reveal more of that playful relationship. As website Listverse points out, editing is a laborious task, and to keep Sally's spirits high during the long process, Tarantino would offer little shout-outs to the hard-working editor with a big wave, smile, and "Hello, Sally!" The cast went along with it, offering quips here and there to amuse her.

"I just adored everything about him: his energy, his knowledge, his willingness to go beyond, his excitement, everything he wanted to do," Menke said of her cinematic life partner. "I just thought he was terrific." We're sure she appreciated this adorable and fun nod to her dedication. We would have loved to see the smile on her face while QT was "locked to [her] shoulder" in the editing room. Enjoy!



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