Watch How Music Is Composed for Movie Trailers

Watch How Music Is Composed for Movie Trailers

Mar 19, 2013


We've seen film fans recut various movie trailers set to different music — like the one we wrote about from mash-up artist ChugsTheMonkey who set Stanley Kubrick's 2001 to music fit for an action-packed blockbuster. The score for a movie trailer can enhance the tone of a film — and sometimes it can feel totally wrong — but who are the people that make the music, and how do they feel about it all?

Yoav Goren is a composer and the co-owner of a music production company called Immediate Music. His first gig was composing the score for Brian De Palma's Carlito's Way trailer. Before that he was a musician, playing keyboards for several bands. This 12-minute clip from the SoundWorks Collection, which we spotted on Slash Film, reveals the process Goren and his musicians undertake when composing for Hollywood film trailers. They've been doing it for 20 years and create sounds for all types of motion-picture advertising, including TV spots, behind-the-scenes reels and more.

Goren makes it clear what the differences are between a film soundtrack and a film trailer score. Trailer music needs to be bold, thematic, and part of the marketing brand. We've often seen films that have trailer music that seems terribly mismatched, but Goren indicates that doesn't matter. "You have to serve the marketing arc of that film," he explains, indicating there's a delicate balance between originality and commercial appeal. Also, that choir chanting in every freaking movie trailer you've ever seen? It's real. The sound is a lot better, Goren reassures. Learn how to score a film trailer by watching the below clip.

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