Watch: How Animated Cartoons Were Made Back in 1919

Watch: How Animated Cartoons Were Made Back in 1919

Oct 08, 2013

Pioneering animator Wally Carlson "narrates" this silent short from 1919 How Animated Cartoons Are Made. The Chicago artist started working for John Randolph Bray, of the legendary Bray Studios, two years prior and developed some of his most famous characters there. In this video, we see Carlson at Bray, working at his desk, and taking us through the early animation process — which website Cartoon Research indicates is perhaps the most authentic look at how century-old cartoons were made.

Surely animators and artists will appreciate this video after seeing the ancient equipment and lengthy procedure Carlson endures — but he does so with gusto and old-timey charm. The end offers extra humor when Carlson is chastised for improperly animating a woman (running) with a wooden leg. Step into the past and enter Bray Studios to examine how cartoons were made, below. [via Open Culture]



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