Watch: An Honest Trailer for 'Frozen,' Plus: A Heavy Metal Version of "Let It Go"

Watch: An Honest Trailer for 'Frozen,' Plus: A Heavy Metal Version of "Let It Go"

Mar 12, 2014

As adorable and addictive as Disney's Frozen is, that does not mean it gets off easy when it comes to the various Internet pranksters lurking in Web-based shadows, on the prowl for more movies they can rip apart. And while we're definitely not in the business of ripping apart movies, there's a certain fun, spirited effort put into the honest trailers the folks at Screen Junkies produce that makes them worth watching (and sharing).

Their latest honest trailer (and first for an animated movie) just goes to town on Frozen, its characters and its storyline. If there's a plot hole, they'll find it. If something doesn't quite make sense, they'll point it out. This is the sort of thing that you watch and oddly agree with, but it still doesn't take anything away from your enjoyment of the movie itself. And if this video does bother you... well, let it go.


Speaking of letting it go, here's a dude who churned out a heavy metal version of the Oscar-winning song. While it's definitely missing some high-octane heavy metal vocals, we have to admit the song carries over quite well. So set up the inflatable mosh pit for your kids, and have at it.

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