Watch: A History of the Title Sequence

Watch: A History of the Title Sequence

Jul 28, 2011

As part of his Interactive Multimedia and Audiovisual Design dissertation, Jurjen Versteeg created a standalone title sequence that takes viewers through a short history of title design -- using typography to highlight eight influential designers whose work helped make their movies most memorable.

The Rotterdam-based designer previously created an unofficial title sequence for Sean Penn's Into the Wild, which won him some admiration. After that, A History of the Title Sequence was born, which Versteeg created as a possible intro for a fictitious documentary about the revolutionary designers he spotlights. Georges Méliès (Le Voyage Dans La Lune), Saul Bass (Psycho), Maurice Binder (Dr. No), Stephen Frankfurt (To Kill A Mockingbird), Pablo Ferro (Dr. Strangelove), Richard Greenberg (Alien), Kyle Cooper (Se7en), and Danny Yount (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang / Sherlock Holmes) are all mentioned in Versteeg's opening credits with subtle yet characteristic references -- like the colored circles of Binder's iconic Dr. No intro and the sliced text in Bass' Psycho credits.

Versteeg told that choosing just eight was a difficult process, and regrets that one person wasn't able to make the final cut. " ... Godard didn't make it to the final edit. Even on set I tried to sketch a sequence, but unfortunately I wasn't able to condense his titles to one specific aspect. Perhaps that was the strength of his designs." What other names are serious omissions? Check out Versteeg's ode to essential title sequences below, along with his re-imagined intro for Into the Wild.




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