Watch: The History of Hollywood in Under 10 Minutes

Watch: The History of Hollywood in Under 10 Minutes

Jul 14, 2014

It’s time for another episode of Film School'd from the folks at Cinefix. Every other Wednesday, the group discusses the history of moviemaking through bite-size videos for our viewing pleasure — and hopefully, our education. This time around the gang is covering the history of Hollywood in under 10 minutes.

Film School'd kicks it old... school, taking us back in time when the earliest viewing devices and cameras hit the scene, including the zoetrope, kinetoscope and the five-cent, indoor exhibition spaces known as nickelodeons. When we hit the 1980s, it’s all downhill from there (depending on who you talk to, but not Michael Bay).

While cinemagoers were gifted with the magic of VHS, business types were monopolizing film studios, which put the emphasis on the almighty dollar. However, the appearance of the Sundance Film Festival, Video On Demand, and HDTV put a smile on every cinema-savvy face. For a brief history lesson that’s fun to watch and doesn’t saddle you with debilitating student loans (sigh), check out Film School'd.




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