Watch a Hilarious Rejected Pitch Video for 'The Lord of the Rings'

Watch a Hilarious Rejected Pitch Video for 'The Lord of the Rings'

Dec 10, 2012

It shouldn't be funny watching fake studio executives call a fake version of Peter Jackson "Crocodile Chubby," but man does this thing make you chuckle. We hope in real life studio executives aren't this brain-dead when filmmakers come in to pitch them projects, but there's a reason why videos like this exist, and unfortunately it's because the real-life situations they're mocking aren't that far off from what we see here.

Watch as a fairly slim (for all the fat jokes) version of a guy playing Peter Jackson deals with all the moronic questions studio execs throw at him regarding his Lord of the Rings script. From complaints about the script being 800 pages too long to lots of questions about why the ring is so important, this thing will make you laugh only because it's not real. As one exec says, "You know who wants rings? Cheap women. Drug addicts with frosted tips. Give them what they really want -- a dufflebag full of cash!"

And just for kicks, here's another related video featuring kids reacting to The Hobbit trailer.


[via Vulture]

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