Watch a Hilarious Prank Featuring Emma Stone and the Spice Girls

Watch a Hilarious Prank Featuring Emma Stone and the Spice Girls

Apr 14, 2014

Thanks to the Internet, we get to learn tons of useless stuff about the personal lives of our favorite stars. Did you guys have any clue that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 actress Emma Stone was a huge Spice Girls fan? We surely didn’t. Website Pajiba dug up this video appearance of Stone on the Graham Norton Show, where she was joined by Spidey costars Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx.


The group discussed reprising their roles for the blockbuster franchise. We also get to see some photos of Stone as an 11-year-old actress performing in youth-theater productions. We’ll probably have nightmares about her costume with the fake chest hair (yes, really), but we digress.

The real fun comes when Norton pranks the star, using her weirdly obsessive love of the Spice Girls to freak her out. Oh, she's obsessed, to the point that her Spice Girls fandom has brought her to tears.


Stone explains she adores the pop-girl group, because they taught her about “girl power” — and then Norton has a surprise for her. Check it out, below. Watch the full 45-minute episode if you want to see the great chemistry the Amazing Spider-Man 2 cast has, even when they’re not on the big screen.


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