Watch: Hilarious 'Shark Pool' Trailer Reminds Us Not to Go in the Pool

Watch: Hilarious 'Shark Pool' Trailer Reminds Us Not to Go in the Pool

Oct 26, 2011

You've seen Jaws and Shark Night, and in 2012 you'll get a movie about sharks that terrorize a shopping mall (called Bait), but first, this Halloween, prepare yourselves for ... Shark Pool. All these ultra hot, horny teenagers wanted to do was throw a really hot, sexy, horny pool party, but then things took a turn for the worse when an uninvited guest showed up.

Let us send a bunch of kudos in the direction of director Tony Yacenda, who in all likelihood made this faux horror movie trailer as a calling card in the hopes of showing folks around Hollywood what he can do. It's a fun spoof that looks great and manages to get its hot, young cast (including -- get this -- the little dude from Jerry Maguire, Jonathan Lipnicki, who's all grown up and lookin' fly) to hilariously spoof those generic teen characters in every horror movie. And we love the one kid who's representing the audience; the guy who just stands there telling his idiotic friends to simply avoid going in the pool. Fun stuff.

Check it out below. We're calling it now -- Jonathan Lipnicki is the next Brad Pitt!

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