Watch: Here's What Wes Anderson's 'Scream' Would Look Like

Watch: Here's What Wes Anderson's 'Scream' Would Look Like

Oct 25, 2011

Even though this video was made to spoof Wes Anderson's style of filmmaking for a film where it wouldn't fit at all, it still kind of makes us want to see a real horror movie written and directed by Wes Anderson. What would that look like? Who would the characters be? Obviously it'd revolve around a dysfunctional (but wealthy) family, but would it be a sort of cabin-in-the-woods-type film, or would Anderson go a different route? Unfortunately (or fortunately) we may never know, so while we sit in anticipation of that day finally coming, we'll have to pass the time by watching videos like this one, which attempt to show us what Wes Anderson's version of Scream would look like -- complete with French-speaking, wine-drinking hipster chick, an inner-conflict voiceover, a heavy-on-the-strings soundtrack and a villain who just wants people to understand him.

Check it out below and let us know what you think ...

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