Watch: Here's What J.J. Abrams' 'Star Wars' Might Look Like

Watch: Here's What J.J. Abrams' 'Star Wars' Might Look Like

Jan 25, 2013

If you haven't heard the news by now then what kind of fan are you?! The first monster news story of 2013 arrived yesterday in the form of J.J. Abrams being chosen to direct the much-anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII, tentatively due out in 2015. The move was both surprising and not surprising, in that Abrams had said publicly that he turned down the job originally as to not let it get in the way of his Star Trek directing gig. But minds have changed, and now that he is the director, the move makes perfect sense.

Abrams is a guy who knows how to successfully reboot a long-running sci-fi franchise (Star Trek), and he's someone who not only understands the sci-fi universe, but he also understands how to work a fanbase: how to tease, how to master a viral marketing plan, and how to satisfy both the audience and his Hollywood bosses. He's not a daring or ballsy choice, but this is Disney and Star Wars we're talking about -- two giant brands that can't afford to take too many unexpected risks. 

But that's okay. Abrams knows how to deliver a fun movie that stays true to what we've come to expect from an existing franchise. He'll do right by Star Wars, and it'll be a fun ride watching this whole sequel come together. One thing fans will give Abrams a rough time about, though, will be his love of lens flares. His lens flare use was criticized after Star Trek and Super 8, and it's already one of the things fanboys are obsessing about online, to the point that we already have a video showing us what a J.J. Abrams Star Wars might look like should he go all lens-flare crazy on the thing. 

Check it:

And for those who didn't already know, J.J. Abrams does have experience directing Star Wars characters. Here's the R2-D2 cameo from Star Trek.

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