Watch: Here's a Brand New 'Frozen' Song... and It's About 'Frozen'

Watch: Here's a Brand New 'Frozen' Song... and It's About 'Frozen'

Feb 27, 2014


The voice cast behind Disney’s latest award-winning venture, Frozen, have treated us with a very special song and dance number. In the film, Kristen Bell’s Anna teams up with Jonathan Groff’s Kristoff to find Anna’s sister, encountering a wisecracking snowman, Josh Gad’s Olaf. Oh, and there’s that whole frozen kingdom thing they have to deal with, too. In this video, the actors appear in the flesh for an over-the-top performance, singing about the making of Frozen.

The film is one of Disney’s most successful musical movies, aiding the characters’ journey with a whirlwind of memorable songs. Husband-and-wife songwriting team of Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez composed the music for Frozen, and the duo have returned to write this fun new ditty. Kudos to Bell, Groff and Gad for keeping up with the hyper, choreographed song-and-dance number. It proves they aren’t just passive voices behind these characters; they are passionate entertainers who truly bring them life.

If you like Disney tunes and Broadway-style theatrics, this will be your jam — and there’s a cute, surprise ending to boot.



Here's a behind-the-scenes video documenting the making of the above.

[Spotted via io9]




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